Social Education,Self relying,Training,and Research Institution

SANGRAM mines right to fight. but ( social education, self relying ,training and research institution) it is established in 30 June 2007 bat as per government it is established on 19 June 2008. Sangram is non profit organization in grass rout level. Working towards recognizing child right ,women right & human right in Jharkhand. But i m telling this organization was trying for fundamental right of village rural & urban areas. and motivating for self development creativeness omitting bad  custom of social.
according to this organization removing of social development custom is not only this work of government but it is work of social and the people who are living is society. so this organization is trying aware the people for self development. self respect and self reliance. so that people can get there right.
the organization is on of smallest and seems as . it is a totally deferent is this district . Sangram is group of educated and social activist well trained creative and active youth power.